How Can I Keep My Commercial HVAC System Running Efficiently?

commercial hvac perryville mdHeating and air conditioning: Both are important for maintaining a comfortable workplace. And a comfortable workplace is an efficient workplace. Thus, commercial HVAC systems are important for maintaining an efficient workplace.

Efficiency is key to running a successful and profitable business, and to maintain that efficiency (and, therefore, profitability), you must maintain the components that keep things efficient.

And since we’re talking about your heating and air conditioning -- that is, your HVAC system -- how DO you keep it running efficiently?

When it comes to keeping commercial HVAC systems running efficiently, don’t sweat! . . . Or DO sweat, if you want to crank up the heat. But whether you want it hot enough to sweat or cold enough to freeze, you can get your HVAC to maintain the best and most efficient heat for your business all year long, and you can do so by adhering to these following guidelines for maintaining an efficient HVAC system:

Clean the Air Ducts

Your air conditioning is more than just the moving mechanical components that circulate warm or cool air throughout your workplace. It’s also made up of the ductwork through which that air moves.

And just like the mechanical parts, that ductwork requires your attention so that your HVAC system can continue running efficiently for many years to come. Inefficiency related to your ductwork can occur when your air ducts become overly clogged. Dirt and such can accumulate within your air ducts over the years, preventing your heated or conditioned air from circulating efficiently.

The results: an HVAC system that has to do twice the work for half the results. Thus, you’ll find yourself spending more money on your heating and cooling bills while getting fewer results.

The solution: Keep your air ducts clean! Clean air ducts are efficient air ducts. And when you run a business, efficiency is key to staying ahead of the game.

Repair Problems as Soon as They Occur

Just as you shouldn’t ignore strange sounds your car might begin to make, you also shouldn’t ignore any strange sounds your HVAC system might make. Or any sign of wear and tear in your heating and air conditioning system.

The signs of an HVAC system in need of repair are many and, thankfully, often quite obvious. As mentioned above, you might notice strange sounds: grating, grinding, and the like. You might also begin to spot moisture in areas where moisture shouldn’t be present: around your HVAC system’s central unit, for example.

Most practically, you could experience a significant dip in your HVAC system’s performance. Some areas of your office might be barely cooled or even not cooled at all. This problem might be preceded or punctuated by poor air circulation.

Should you notice any of these problems, you need to have your HVAC system serviced ASAP. These problems can compound and continue to worsen and worsen until you could be looking at a substantially more expensive HVAC system REPLACEMENT.

In either case, you could experience a major dip in your HVAC system’s performance and, as a consequence, your business’s productivity.

Avoid That Problem With Preventative HVAC Maintenance

As they say in football, “The best defense is a good offense.” And when it comes to defending your business against an inefficient or even BROKEN HVAC system, your best offense is preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance will help you avoid inefficiency and costly repairs by ensuring that the issues that cause those two problems don’t occur. And the best part about preventative maintenance: It saves you money. After all, preventative maintenance is significantly cheaper than a repair. On top of that, preventative maintenance will save you the lost productivity that can occur because of a broken HVAC system.

You’re in business to make money -- meaning you’re not in business to spend more money than you have to. And to make money, your business needs to be efficient. To keep your business efficient, you need to maintain an efficient HVAC system. And to maintain an efficient HVAC system, you need a preventative maintenance routine.

If you are in the market for reliable HVAC preventative maintenance, you need to contact the commercial general contractors at LG Construction Inc. We have the experience and know-how to ensure that your HVAC system will continue running efficiently for years to come, thus helping your business to be efficient and profitable for a long time to come.

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