Commercial Construction & Renovation Services for Northern Maryland

If you are building, renovating, or generally maintaining a commercial property in Maryland, then you need a commercial general contractor whom you can rely upon to provide you with many top-quality services to keep your commercial property looking and functioning great for years to come. If you operate your commercial building in or around Perryville, then the general contractor for you is LG Construction Inc. We offer a variety of commercial construction and renovation services to clients throughout Northern Maryland to ensure their commercial property looks and functions just they need it to. Our variety of services include the following:

design build perryville md

Design & Build Projects

A great commercial building STARTS great. To get the best start possible for your commercial building, just get a top-quality design by the experts at LG Construction Inc. And once you’re happy with the design, we’ll get it built expertly.

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preventative maintenance perryville md

Preventative Maintenance

Your commercial building operates thanks to many different components: electrical, plumbing, etc. You need these to run to keep your business running, and to be sure they do, just call LG Construction Inc. for preventative maintenance. This will save you potential headaches in the future while also saving you money on costly repairs and replacements.

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commercial flooring installations perryville md

Commercial Flooring Installations

Many different kinds of businesses require many different kinds of floors. You might not have the resources to know what the best flooring for your kind of business is or to install that flooring, but that’s okay. We at LG Construction Inc. do. When it comes to installing your new flooring, you can rely on the experts at LG Construction Inc. to provide you with the best flooring for your business.

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commercial painting drywall perryville md

Commercial Painting & Drywall Installation

Your business’s walls should be sturdy, and your business itself should be attractive and welcoming to potential customers. Drywall will give you the sturdy walls you need, and paint will give you the beauty you’re looking for; and we at LG Construction Inc. will give you the drywall and paint.

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commercial electrical perryville md

Commercial Electrical Work

Without electricity, your commercial building cannot function as you need it to. Your HVAC system won’t work, your lights won’t come on, and you won’t be able to access your databases. To get the most reliable electricity for your company, come to LG Construction Inc. for all of your electrical needs and work.

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commercial hvac perryville md

Commercial HVAC Services

Without a properly functioning HVAC system, your commercial business would be quite uncomfortable, and an uncomfortable place of business does not foster the best productivity. To keep your HVAC system working well and your productivity up, just call LG Construction Inc. for reliable HVAC work.

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commercial plumbing perryville md

Commercial Plumbing

Plumbing is necessary in the modern world, and never more so than in a commercial building. While a lack of properly working plumbing in a private residence is a headache, in a commercial environment, that same problem could result in lost customers and productivity. If you are experiencing any troubles with your commercial plumbing, just call the experts at LG Construction Inc.

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concrete services perryville md

Masonry, Asphalt and Concrete Services

Masonry, concrete, and asphalt are all necessary parts of a commercial business. They provide your foundation, your walls, and your parking lot. To get the most out of these installations, you need to contact the experienced experts at LG Construction Inc. for all of your masonry, concrete, and asphalt work.

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commercial doors perryville md

Commercial Doors

Doors are necessary for securing your business. To get the most security possible out of your doors, you need to contact an experienced expert when it comes to installing and maintaining your doors. And the best expert for you is LG Construction Inc.

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generator maintenance perryville md

Generator Maintenance

Electricity is necessary for operating your business, but sometimes forces outside your control render you without electricity -- the weather and such. To always have control over your electricity, just get a generator! And to be sure your generator will always work when you need it to, get routine generator maintenance with LG Construction Inc.

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For quality commercial construction and renovation services in Maryland, please call the experienced team of general contractors at LG Construction Inc. at (443) 966-5006 or complete our online request form.

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